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Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu symbol Yubatakesig_01

Japan’s three is one Kusatsu Onsen of large hot spring. Yubatake Speaking of Kusatsu hot spring.sig_01
Hotels and inns so as to surround the hot water field, is lined with souvenir shops.
It is about 15 to 20 minutes walk from the hotel.

NETSUNO_YU Mix hot water Shaw Yu also seen experience hot springs RAKUGO

NETSUNOYU in front of YUBATAKEsig_08

Mix hot water performances of Yumomi Show” that is Kusatsu traditional.
You can also experience Yumomi experience




The municipal of day spasig_10

you can enjoy the Kusatsu hot spring.
such as a large bath, sauna, open-air bath, matching hot water, facilities.
Meal and rest areas also been enhanced, you can enjoy a relaxing time.


SAINOKAWARA park and SAINOKAWARA Open-air bath


There is a popular walking spot have source is springs from everywhere in the park.
SAINOKAWARA open-air bath” Biggest in Kusatsu. you can enjoy while soaking the magnificent natural hot spring.

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