Quiet spa resort is surrounded by larch forests Kusatsu Green Park Palace

Hot Springs

Guidance of withholding hook sink natural hot spring public bath

spa_02The hotel public bath is a natural hot spring of Kusatsu Hot spring hanging sink 100%. Tub of hot water, it is divided into hot water to paint because you can use with confidence from the elderly to young children. In addition, baby bath are also available. From daytime is widely big took window, you can enjoy views of the larch forests. Four seasons, while admiring the views of the larch forests that come and go, please stay in a relaxed manner.


■ bathing time: 24 hours (9:30am to 12 pm cleaning time)
source name: Kusatsu Onsen Bandai ore
bathroom fixtures: shampoo, rinse, body soap
dressing room: Dryer baby bed


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Guidance of bathing

■ time:  12:00 ~ 15:00
fee: adults / 650 yen, elementary school students or less / 400 yen


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