Quiet spa resort is surrounded by larch forests Kusatsu Green Park Palace

Guest room

Rooms of guidance


Very quiet accommodation building surrounded by larch forests.
It will be looking at the color of the natural rich four seasons from all rooms. The voice of the wild birds in BGM, is about which is likely to dreamily asleep. Around the Japanese-style room,Western-style,Japanese and Western room is also widely available, such as so we will offer families and groups like.

While wrapped in leisurely Kusatsu hot spring steam,
Please enjoy the relaxation of time.




Room facilities and equipment

room Capacity rooms number of rooms Facility furnishings
Japanese-style room
10 tatami
5people 3rooms 101
Washlet toilet
TV, refrigerator, washroom
bath towel
Japanese-style room
8 tatami
4people 21rooms 102~109
Western style room 2people 4rooms 110,111
Washlet toilet
TV, refrigerator, washroom
Two single beds
Extra bed
Bus soap, shampoo
Japanese and Western Room 7people 1room 310
(state room)
Washlet toilet
TV, refrigerator, washroom
Two single beds
Japanese-style 10 tatami
Bus soap, shampoo
※ This hotel does not have all rooms air-conditioning. Please use the fan is between the summer.
※ yukata, please have from the shelf of the front facing.

The configuration of the room

Administration Building Accommodation building
3F Restaurant banquet hall 301 302 303 305 306 307 308 309 310
2F Front Lobby 201 202 203 205 206 207 208 209 210 211
1F Big bath 101 102 103 105 106 107 108 109 110 111


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